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[2] 5 Basic Things You Need to Know About Network Security

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Network security Malaysia is an essential system tool for both office and home. To avoid damage to your computers and documents, prevent connection stealing and hacking, here are numerous measures you must execute to protect your network, systems and connections:
1. Firewall Security
Is vital in protecting the network system but sometimes a bother to computer users; some firewall security programs are barely visible that will run in the background and will only appear if there is a problem.
What it does:
? Catch and terminate viruses and spyware.
? Block out intruders
? Hide your documents and files
2. Cyber Security
To make sure that no one or nothing cannot breach through your network, first you need to make sure that you have a firewall and also a 2nd gen firewalls for dual protection. In addition to that you must have an anti virus and a spyware program installed that can clean your system, downloads and files from malwares and Trojans. And the most important thing is for you to remember is always think first before you give out personal information that can be distributed over the web; furthermore constantly change your passwords.

3. Unsecure Network Expenses
It is important to keep your network running safe and sound since all your activities are stored in it like works, files and information. By keeping it protected, you will not only protect yourself but also your wallet because if it is not safeguarded properly hackers and malwares can easily penetrate and may cause serious damage to your computers. This may lead to either repair or even replacement of the equipment which means additional expenses.. Just think of it this way, there may be a cost incurred when installing a network security but it is much cheaper compared to having your computers repaired or replaced.
4. Router Security
The router is fundamentally the key to your network security; considered to be the main entrance and outer level of protection to your network.  If properly configured will protect all of your system from intrusion and damage.
What it does:
? Provides firewall protection to your network
? Mask your different IP addresses
? Turns off your wireless broadcasting signal
? Set up wireless security passwords and networks

5. Professional Network Security
f you happen to be technically ignorant or don’t have any clue on how to set up your network security, it would be best to contact a professional , because network security should not be taken lightly. Do not give any chance for hackers to get into your computer, gather information or even corrupt your system.

Awareness in how to protect your network is the key in making sure that you are protecting your network and yourself. Having all this basic things will help you have a secure network.

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